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Full-service consultation firm
with a comprehensive path for
start-up success

We specialize in organization, structure, and development for start-ups to enable them to achieve long standing growth and success. Focusing on precise financial guidance for its clients with the determination to achieve and solidify their financial goals. Our consultation services focus on helping our clients to make definitive strategic plans for long term success. We offer negotiation services for our clients to obtain the best for each financial scenario.

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Our Services

Functionality You Will Love


  • Financial restructuring

  • Financial management

  • Financial advisory

  • Cost cutting strategies

  • Bookkeeping services

  • Negotiation

  • Securing funds

  • Business & financial consulting


  • Process improvement

  • Project management

  • Operations management

  • Start-up consulting

  • Company overview & analysis

  • Personal & corporate tax planning

  • Change management consultation

Business Administration

  • Administration advisor

  • Business incorporation

  • Business registration

  • New system and software implementation

  • Human resources management


  • Government relations

  • Public speaking

  • Corporate governance

  • Ethics governance & training

  • Executive Training 

  • Leadership Training



As an award-winning CPA, I specialize in consultation in all areas of finance and focusing on business startups. Offering a well-rounded consultation service that elevates action plans for every financial strategy.

My key ability is to guide and ensure that there is a clear direction and structure for a comprehensive path for success. My negotiation expertise is an integral asset that assures that my clients are reaping the ultimate benefits available to them.

I believe that finance is an evolution of circumstances and therefore I highly value my clients and my commitment to follow up once the initial mandate is completed. 


If you were to describe my approach and strengths, my attributes are:

Authentic, dependable, trustworthy. resourceful, big picture thinker, and my main strength is my communication skills, strong work ethic, integrity, and ability to pivot when needed.


Non Profit Associations

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